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The La Xerea neighborhood is the Old Town’s easternmost quarter, making it the natural exit to the sea via one of its main streets, Calle del Mar. It was named after the door of the Arab wall known as Bab al-Xaria, which was erected in the current Plaza de San Vicente Ferrer, which was named after the 14th century Dominican patron of the community who was born in this area.

In the 13th century, the Order of San Juan established a hospital on the site of today’s San Juan del Hospital church.

Until the mid-14th century, La Xerea was a suburb outside Valencia’s Arab wall. The new wall of Pedro IV the Ceremonious, which covered a much larger area than the previous one, was built in 1356 and integrated it into the city. 

The neighborhood is also known as Sant Bult because of the image of the Crucified Christ that is venerated there, which is one of the city’s oldest.

The neighborhood became the city’s Jewish quarter, where Jews could live, trade, and build synagogues, but this all changed in 1391, following the massacre of Jews.

It is located in the city center and is bounded to the north by Trinitat, to the east by Exposició, to the south by Sant Francesc and El Pla del Remei, and to the west by La Seu, Valencia.

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