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El Carmen (in Valencian and officially El Carme) is one of the neighbourhoods in the Ciutat Vella district, which comprises Valencia’s historic centre. It is an ancient district that grew between two walls: the Muslim wall (11th century), built by Abd al-Aziz ibn Amir on the east side, and the new Christian wall (14th century), which protected the town on the west side. 

The Carmen Calzado church and convent gave the Barrio del Carmen its name, and it was in this area that this population centre grew. 

Because it is located in front of Santa Cruz’s current parish church, just before the Carmen Convent, the Plaza del Carmen was the first to use the name “El Carme.” This became the name of the entire neighbourhood over time.

Population: 6.350; Square meter price in 2021: 2,367 €/m2

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1. Torres de Quart, 

2. Torres de Serranos, 

3. IVAM (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno), 

4. Centro Cultural la Beneficencia, 

5. Museo de Prehistoria de Valencia 

6. Museo Valenciano de Etnología, 

7. Portal de la Valldigna  

8. Mercado de Mossen Sorell 

9. Centro del Carmen, 

10. Casa-Museo del pintor José Benlliure, 

11. Centro Cultural de la Beneficencia, 

12. Convento de San José y Santa Teresa

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