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JW Marriott In Spain – First Hotel To Open In Madrid In 2022

Marriott International has signed an agreement to introduce the JW Marriott brand to Madrid. First JW Marriott in Spain opening soon


The Real Estate Market In Valencia Is Reviving, But Not As Fast As In Madrid

The real estate market in Valencia is finally waking up, although year on year sales in the Valencia Community increased by only 17 percent in March, compared to nearly 60 percent in Madrid.

Hen’s Teeth – And The Licence To Build In Valencia in 2021

It is harder than ever to obtain the licence to build in Valencia. But, looking on the bright side, Spaniards have one of the world’s highest life expectancy rates, so it all balances out in the end…


Goodbye, Casitas Rosas – Valencia Wants To Renovate Its Most Derelict Buildings

If Valencia City Council’s application for a €105 million grant from European funds is approved, we will be able to say goodbye to Casitas Rosas and many other depleted areas in the near future.