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Valencians – The Fourth Most Frequent Travelers In Spain

Valencia still remains an appealing destination, and Valencians enjoy travelling, according to the findings of a recent Tourism Survey published in Spain.


Valencia Bus Station – The City Determined To Get Rid Of Pigeons Once And For All

A deteriorating station with pigeons fluttering around does not reflect well on our city. As a result, work on the Valencia Bus Station rehabilitation will begin in the spring, with the prospect of total demolition in a few years.

Student Apartments In Valencia: In High Demand Again

Student Apartments in Valencia are renting as quickly as they did in 2019, as it has been confirmed that the new university year will be “face to face” once more.


Valencia Property Market Has Recovered – It Is Official Now !

Valencia property market has recovered, and the rate at which real estate is selling indicates that such high demand will result in price increases. Valencia ranks first among Autonomous Communities in terms of sales per capita.



Parking In Valencia – City To Create A Network Of Car Parks

Parking in Valencia has been a major issue for some time, but the Ayuntamiento is working on a plan to connect existing parking lots and create an additional 10,000 parking spaces.