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Property Rental Prices In Valencia Continue To Fall

Property rental prices in Valencia are now nearly 8% lower than in May of last year, but analysts predict they will rise again

City Council Offers Up To €20,000 To Owners Of Empty Properties In Valencia

If you own one of 57.000 empty properties in Valencia, and want to rent it for less than €600 a month, you can apply for a subsidy from the Ayuntamiento de Valencia worth up to €20,000.


The Real Estate Market In Valencia Is Reviving, But Not As Fast As In Madrid

The real estate market in Valencia is finally waking up, although year on year sales in the Valencia Community increased by only 17 percent in March, compared to nearly 60 percent in Madrid.



Arena Valencia – Now Less Than Two Years Away

Arena Valencia, one of the largest construction projects in recent history, is slowly rising from the ground thanks to a funding of a single man.