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The San Francesc barrio is the largest and least touristy neighborhood in Old Town.

It is located south of the historic center, around the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which was formerly occupied by the Convent of San Francisco (Convento de San Francisco) between 1238 and 1891, and from which the neighborhood derives its name. 

This part of town was formerly occupied by  Valencia’s famous barrio de Pescadores (Fishermen Quarter), to the east of the convent and south of the Calle de las Barcas. This was an extremely poor part of town riddled with crime and poverty in old Valencia. 

The area was completely demolished at the end of the nineteenth century, and the city’s new financial district was raised in its place.

Barrio San Francisco stretches east along the current Calle Colón, following the southern area of the old Jewish quarter and its cemetery, and west along the entire Calle Xàtiva and the church of San Agustin all the way to the old hospital located south of the barrio El Pilar.

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