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In now a distant year 1988, there was a huge Amnesty international concert at Wembley stadium. Russian troops were leaving Afghanistan. First McDonalds was open in the Eastern European country (Hungary) and  the Olympic games were held in Seoul. That same year Metro Valencia was inaugurated making Valencia the third city with a metro line in Spain. The average price of a newly built property in our city was around 650 euros. 

But, also…

This was the year when our main agency, Inmoamiga was born.

So, we have been here for a while. We have seen property upturns and downturns, golden and not so golden years, picking every year a little bit more of insight, knowledge, experience. And we have grown with the market.
With so many years of experience, and extensive business network in Valencia, we are in a position to offer not only the property, but a wide range of services that should be part of a purchase process – fiscal advice, mortgage assistance and most of all, after sales service.
We have sold over 2.500 apartments and houses so far. The whole village. Once you get in touch with our Expat property department, you will understand why we never stopped growing.