Property Lawyer in Valencia

Do I Need A Property Lawyer In Valencia?

Without a doubt, yes. One of the most important people in the purchase process is a property lawyer in Valencia (apart from you, of course). He is there to protect you from small print in contracts and to ensure that the property you are buying is free of debts, that it legally belongs to the seller, and that there are no strange clauses in the contract that could cause problems later.

Unlike in other countries, the power of the Notary does not protect you as a buyer. The notary’s job in Spain is to establish the physical identity of both the buyer and the seller, as well as that the title deeds are in the seller’s name. However, there is no real accountability if something goes wrong.

For example, the house you’re about to purchase is scheduled for demolition next month. Or, an extension was built on your property without the necessary approval, or the electricity you are about to use has been illegally connected for the last 40 years, and it will cost you an additional €10.000 to fix this problem once you move in.

These are just a few examples of things that can go wrong. It sounds like something out of a horror film. However, this is not the case. It always happens to people who choose not to hire a property lawyer in Valencia or who hire just any lawyer recommended by people they don’t know.

In reality, being a lawyer is a difficult job. There is also a lot of competition. However, lawyers, like doctors, must specialise. You don’t want a podiatrist treating your neck pain. The same is true for the lawyers. 

A good lawyer can focus on one or two areas of law and call it a day. Because of the competition and the market, it is customary in Spain for lawyers to take any job they can get. Property transfers appear to be a simple task, and many lawyers claim to be capable of performing them.

To be honest, if everything goes well, you really never needed a lawyer. But if it doesn’t, “any” lawyer will simply not suffice.

There are a few other misconceptions about lawyers as well. If you are looking for a property lawyer in Valencia, you should be aware that there are no low-cost or high-cost lawyers.


How Much Does A Property Lawyer In Valencia charge?

All lawyers charge the same fee: 1% of the property’s value plus Iva (21 percent ). If the property is inexpensive, less than €150.000, they will most likely charge you a minimum rate of €1.500 plus tax.

You will get the best and worst property lawyer in Valencia for this money. So, rather than settling for second best, go for the best.

Some lawyers provide internet service from remote locations. Being a lawyer, on the other hand, is not a job that can be done from a distance. There is frequently a lot of documents that have to be signed, looked at, delivered or collected. So, if you want to buy real estate in Valencia, make sure you hire a property lawyer in Valencia.

You may believe that your Spanish is sufficient to purchase your dream apartment or home with a Spanish lawyer who does not speak English. That could be a costly mistake.

Although it may appear that you are grasping what is going on at first, you may lose the plot later on. Property transactions have their own jargon, and if you don’t understand it, hire a lawyer who speaks perfect English.

Last but not least, if you require the services of a property lawyer in Valencia, ensure that he is a Valencian. Although Spain is a modern European country, good connections can go a long way. You require a lawyer who is not only knowledgeable about his field, but also knows many other people in Valencia. If something goes wrong, this could be crucial.

When you’re ready to dive into the purchase process and hire a good property lawyer in Valencia, make sure you don’t sign or pay anything until your lawyer has reviewed it.

A handwritten piece of paper that you sign can sometimes be a life-changing contract, so double-check everything before you commit to anything.

Although there are many frightening things in this article, if you make the right decision and find a real estate lawyer in Valencia who fits this description, the purchase process will be a breeze.

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