City Council Offers Up To €20,000 To Owners Of Empty Properties In Valencia

If you own one of 57.000 empty properties in Valencia, and want to rent it for less than €600 a month, you can apply for a subsidy from the Ayuntamiento de Valencia worth up to €20,000

Ayuntamiento desperately wants to get a hold of empty properties in Valencia and has devised numerous plans to encourage owners to put these units on the market. One of these initiatives is the “Pla Reviure” (The Revival Plan), in which the city offers to renovate vacant homes in exchange for the owners agreeing to place them in Valencia’s social housing stock and offer them at a lower price.

Valencia’s Ayuntamiento is keen to get rid of empty properties in Valencia, and has designed a number of schemes to get owners to put their homes on the market. The “Pla Reviure” (The Revival Plan) is one of these projects, in which the city offers to rehabilitate abandoned properties in exchange for the owners consenting to place them in Valencia’s social housing stock and rent them at a reduced price.

Last week, the terms and conditions for a new cycle of Plan Reviure were published in the Government Gazette, with a submission deadline of June 21st. To be eligible for such a subsidy, you must show that your property has been vacant for at least a year and that you are willing to rent it for up to €600 per month. in the municipal programme for four years, with a rental price cap of 600 euros per month.

The property must also be located in the municipality of Valencia and be free of any debts owed to the municipality or the community of owners. Furthermore, the property must include a kitchen and a bathroom. If you meet these requirements, the City will provide up to €20,000 in funding for property renovation.

Pla Revuire is not a new initiative, but there are additional grants available this year – if you have already enrolled in the programme, you will be able to get another €25.000 stimulus to provide your property with ease of access for people who have difficulty accessing the property. This amount can reach €60,000 in some cases.

The City Council is concerned about the large number of empty properties in Valencia, as well as the nearly depleted stock of social housing units. The local government is addressing this issue with all available tools, and Pla Revuire was conceived as one method of reducing the number of vacant flats in the city.

However, despite its appeal, the programme was harshly criticised by the Partido Popular in January this year as a huge failure and a complete waste of time. The opposition party demonstrated this by stating that only nine (9) out of an estimated 57.000 vacant properties in Valencia (source Las Provincias) participated in this initiative. This figure demonstrates that, while the Pla Reviure appears to be very appealing on paper, it is somehow fundamentally disconnected from reality.

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