Valencia Bus Station – The City Determined To Get Rid Of Pigeons Once And For All

A deteriorating station with pigeons fluttering around does not reflect well on our city. As a result, work on the Valencia Bus Station rehabilitation will begin in the spring, with the prospect of total demolition in a few years.

Valencia Bus Station, one of Valencia’s most dilapidated public buildings, will eventually be catered for. The Department of Public Works and Mobility will invest 640,000 euros in the building’s rehabilitation. It is not a massive restoration, but rather a short-term one that will leave the building’s original structure unchanged while addressing some of its key issues, such as water leaks and a lack of illumination.

The roofs of the building will be restored, according to the architect in charge of the project, Javier Campos, to halt the water leaks that have been a chronic problem in the station for the previous twenty years.

According to the department, the work will address another, previously unsolved issue – humidity, which had a terrible effect on the lighting system, with some places, such as corridors, operating at only 20 or 25 percent capacity. The entire lighting system will be upgraded using LED technology, which will also ensure the station’s energy efficiency. Because of the versatility of LED lights, the entryway will be decorated with lights in the style of the arch, giving the structure “great appeal,” especially at night, according to Campos.

The illuminated arch will interact with the new glass erected at the entry, and the new space will add elegance and luminosity to the environment. It will even allow the “Bus Station” label to be placed on the building’s entrance.

The most notable innovation will be the installation of automatic doors at the entrance, that would only open when a person’s activity is detected. The purpose for this is straightforward: it should prevent pigeons from entering the building. This was a major issue in the past, not only because it harmed the station’s image, but also because it complicated the upkeep of infrastructure such as pipes, lighting, and furnishings.

For the same reason, the escalators leading to the docks will be removed as part of this system to eliminate another entry point for pigeons.

The refurbishment of Valencia Bus Station will finally solve the most horrendous problem, the appearance and condition of the toilets, which have deteriorated significantly over the years, creating a “poor image” to tourists. As a result, they will be entirely replaced with new and modern elements.

According to the Department of Public Works, the work on Valencia Bus Station will last six months, beginning in the spring and ending in the autumn of 2022.

This intervention, however, is only a temporary solution. Everyone believes that a tourist city like Valencia deserves a more modern bus station. The long-term goal is to entirely replace this building with something new, and there is a good chance that in a few years, the old Valencia Bus Station building will be razed to the ground and a new one will be built in its place.

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