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Properties are not easy to come by. Looking at your every day’s property portals, like Idealista, Pisos, Habitaclia, Yaencontre, you might be under impressions that there are too many properties on the market. But, in essence, this is not true. For a while, in Valencia, there has been a huge demand for quality properties, much higher than the offer. People are looking for their new home for about six months on average, and it is sometimes very hard for them to find the right area, right property and the right price.

It is very important to choose the right agency to do your property sale, for a couple of reasons. A professional real estate agent knows how to advertise your property, knows how to present it, has a certain rating on the market and above everything, it provides a certain level of professionalism, very important that further enhances the confidence of the purchaser.

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