Renovation Of Cabanyal To Continue – House By House

After huge infrastructure projects, renovation of Cabanyal continues, and dilapidated old houses are slowly disappearing one by one.

The renovation of Cabanyal is progressing, but in a completely different manner compared to all that has been done in the last couple of years.  We are not talking about huge infrastructure works: this time Ayuntamiento de Valencia plans to continue the renovation house by house. The latest plans and initiatives will only speed up this process, and soon enough, Cabanyal that everybody remembers from ten years ago, will look like a completely different place.

The most recently finished rehabilitation of the Plaza de Calabuig is one of these types of projects. Financed by the European Union, it is a relatively cheap but targeted set of works that aims to change Cabanyal, street by street. The whole project was finished within a month, and the budget was only €21.500. But the result is immense, one of only a handful of areas for children to play and a rare “green spot” in the barrio, has been completely refurbished. The works on this area, measuring 440m2, included the renovation of the equipment, placing the safety pavement,  perimeter landscaping and replacing old plants and trees with new ones. The aim was to breathe new life into an old park, and let the residents enjoy a small but important green oasis in the barrio.

But, this is not the only ¨small¨ project that has been undertaken. Numerous houses in the barrio are constantly being renovated. Although it would appear that the private investors are involved in renovating their properties, these are all done by the Municipality. Only recently quite a few houses have been finished, and many more are starting to get fixed every day.

calle progreso 193
Calle del Progreso, 193

And it will get even busier. Valencia City Council has recently started drawing up a complete inventory of all its properties in the Cabanyal, with an intent to list every single house that owns and decide should it be assigned to a specific project or just sold. This was done to replenish the extremely low stock of social housing units in Valencia, with a healthy logic – why build new properties when there are many that can be simply refurbished. So, Cabanyal somehow became a very serious matter for Ayuntamiento, both for social and political reasons. 

According to the words of Minister for Housing, Rubén Martínez Dalmau, the City Council has recently completely reformed more than 30 houses in the barrio and they will soon enter the rental market. And there will be plenty of more to come.

The list of current projects changes every day, and most of them are rather small, so the renovation goes very quickly. The only exception is a project in Calle de los Àngeles, where the multistorey building will be erected, with 25 apartments, as a part of the social housing project. There is also a social centre planned for the basement of the building, with meeting rooms, study and class areas.

There are seven other houses in the process of rehabilitation at this very moment. Houses on Sant Pere street, number 33 and Luis Despuig street number 20, are part of a one project since two duplex buildings are connected, and they are being renovated with a budget of 337,373.06 euros, There are also works underway in buildings located on calle de José Benlliure, 163 (2 story building and a shop space), another on Calle Escalante, 196 ( shop space and a single story house), and another in Amparo Guillem, 3 (three story house). All this for a budget of 402,640.57 euros.

sant pere 33
Carrer de Sant Pere, 33

In Calle del Progreso 193-195 the demolition of the existing building is being carried out and the subsequent construction of a building for two houses is planned, one single floor and the other one with two floors. The budget is 219,477.59 euros. Finally, in Josep Benlliure 194, once finished, the rehabilitated building will offer a shop space on the ground floor and the apartments on the first and second floors. Price: 100,451.94 euros.

All these properties are part of the affordable rental program and intended for people that have already registered with the municipality of Valencia. To enlist into the program you need to prove that you or members of your immediate family don’t own any property located in Spain, and to be ready for a wait – usually up to a year until you get to the top of the list.

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