Recommend Valencia Property - Inmoamiga

Please recommend Valencia Property – Inmoamiga to anyone you know who is looking to sell or buy a home in Valencia. If we succeed, we will give you a replica of Sorolla’s famous painting “Las Tres Hermanas en la Playa.” This is one of the Valencian painter’s best known works, and the original was auctioned off at Christie’s for €2.7 million. The reproduction is 500×700 mm in size and printed on high quality canvas. If there is another painting by Sorolla that you prefer, don’t worry; we have a collection of 25 different reproductions from which you can choose.

You can send us the necessary information via email to [email protected], along with your name, email address, and phone number. We would also need information about the person you have recommended us to, such as his or her name, email or phone number, and as much information about the prospective property as you have. Or you can simply call us on 961 163 173.

Please notify your friend, relative, colleague, or anyone else you are recommending us to that we may contact them. We don’t want to call and spam people who aren’t interested in speaking with us. And, once we’ve made contact, we’ll use your name as a reference.

So, let’s start decorating the walls…

sorolla 1050 PX reklama