Purple Benches To Fight For Gender Equality In Valencia

Ayuntamiento de Valencia is placing 30 purple benches throughout the city as part of a new marketing effort to support the “gender equality movement” in its furniture.

The Ayuntamiento de Valencia’s Marketing Department is working tirelessly, reinventing the wheel over and over. The latest marketing ploy is to paint some municipal benches purple to express support for the fight for gender equality in Valencia.

This year, the Valencia City Council’s Department of Urban Development and Renewal will install a total of 232 new benches across the city for “the use and rest of the neighbours.” Thirty of them will be painted purple in order to “incorporate the gender equality movement in furniture.”

The idea’s architects also stated that they wished to “make evident the importance of women in everyday environments such as public space, where the benches are positioned.” There’s more: each purple bench will contain a QR code that will lead you to information about women who have made history.

A huge task for simple benches.

The announcement was made by Deputy Mayor Sandra Gómez, and the City Council has set aside 118,000 euros for this purpose.

The “equality” benches will be placed at various gathering locations throughout the city. This project’s first three purple benches have already been installed in Plaza Del Ayuntamiento.

What’s truly intriguing, and likely more marketable, is that the new benches are manufactured of local recycled material and 5% rice bark, demonstrating significant support for a recycling economy.

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