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Russafa, founded by a Moorish ruler as a country estate, was an independent town until the 1870s and now lies just five minutes outside the historic center, the Barrio del Carme (Ciutat Vella).

Ruzafa is an Arabic word that means “garden.” After undergoing a renaissance in recent years, it has become a hotbed of dining, shopping, and cultural activity, particularly of the more alternative variety, so the people who helped revitalize El Carme not long ago are now moving here to avoid the tourists.

And the resulting mix of young creatives, long-term residents, African immigrants and Chinese market vendors is one of the neighborhood’s most interesting features.

The Iglesia de San Valero, dubbed the “cathedral of Russafa,” is the main church – historically Baroque, as it was built in the 15th century.

Russafa, one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, is located behind the North Station (Spanish: Estación del Norte, Valencian: Estació del Nord) and is famous for being a meeting place for the city’s most modern bohemians. 

Many of the old houses and palaces have been rebuilt and converted into bars, pubs, and restaurants, and Russafa has surpassed Carmen as the city’s hippest neighborhood. 

The barrio is densely packed with vintage clothing stores, bike shops, homeware stores, and art galleries. Most importantly, it has the highest concentration of bars and restaurants in Valencia.

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