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Gran Via Marqués del Turia is one of the most expensive residential areas in Valencia. It is located in the heart of the city and offers a wide range of shops and services, including schools.

Canovas is Valencia’s thriving mainstream nightlife district. That is, it is preferred by people who, after a week in the office, want to spend a noisy weekend in “normal pop” and surrounded by a general Valencian crowd dressed for weekend nightlife.

Canovas is a lot more mainstream than Carmen. It is a vibrant and lively neighborhood close to the city center. It is very compact; most places are on the main street (Calle Conde De Altea), but there are a few scattered between Gran Via Marques del Turia and Avenida del Reino de Valencia.

The main drag to the north of the circular Plaza de Canovas is home to a few lively disco-bars where you can dance until 4 a.m. for free. Salamanca Street, to the south of the Plaza, has a more laid-back pub scene, with international pubs and lounge cocktail bars. Canovas nightlife includes both traditional Valencian establishments and a more trendy / cosmopolitan selection.

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