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Property for long term rent in Valencia, Spain

Valencia Property for Expats can help you find property for long term rent in Valencia Spain

Finding a suitable property for long term rent in Valencia Spain, especially if you are an expat, is not an easy task. Yes, there are numerous options, the offer is quite substantial, but, you might also run into a lot of problems.

Unfortunately, with recent developments, many new units, previously used for Airbnb, made their way into the market. It is a good and a bad thing. Good, because the prices went down, but bad, because too many ill-equipped properties for the long term rent flooded the market. A lot of them were used only for summer tourist rentals, and will not be suitable for a long lease.

If you are looking for long term rent in Valencia, Spain, you should read the following:

Like everywhere, there are good and bad areas. You can talk to us and explain your needs and we will direct you to an area (barrio) of Valencia that suits you best. Not all the areas are equally good, and the price usually reflects this. But there are some things you can live with and some you can´t. Therefore, this type of information is essential.

As a foreigner, you will not have a Spanish salary slip, which might complicate things with finding a good long term rental. Spanish landlords usually take insurance when renting their properties, and Insurance agencies do not want to sign contracts where the renters are foreigners. This is an unfortunate residue of a huge property crisis in Spain, from 2008. 

But, many landlords are dealing with foreigners exclusively, and they have no problems and are willing to rent. Sometimes, they might ask for a bit larger deposit (2 and 3 months are usual), and sometimes, up to 12 months. 

We don´t think that anything over 3 months is justified, and we will advise you on this aspect of rental, too

The courts in Valencia are very slow so, sometimes, it is hard to get your deposit back. Many landlords know this and it is a mission to get some of them to return the money. That is why renting directly from the landlord can save you some money in the short run, but can cost you much more in the long run. 

When dealing with real estate agencies, like Valencia Property for Expats, at least there exists a track record for your future landlord, and if there is none, you will be warned before you sign a lease.

All the issues considering the lease and terms are regulated by law. It is very unlikely that anything in your lease can go over the boundaries of the law. But, certain things must be put in that lease, otherwise, a problem might arise. A minimum occupancy for long term rent in Valencia, and Spain too, is six months. 

If your notice is given in time, your deposit should be returned after you leave. This minimum does not have to be specified in the lease. You can simply leave after 6 months, it is your right and a bit of protection put in the Spanish law.

Many other issues that might arise from a rental contract, ant they are too numerous to be mentioned here. Therefore we recommend using an established real-estate agency, with sizable experience when signing one.