Palau De La Musica To Be Rehabilitated

The Valencia City Council has approved the tender for the Palau de la Musica’s repair, worth slightly over 12 million euros

The Valencia City Council’s Local Government Board authorised last week the tender for the repair of the city’s Palau de la Musica, works valued at slightly more than 12.5 million euros. The building’s facade will remain untouched, retaining its 1980s appearance, but its inside will be updated to meet current regulations and its energy use will be significantly decreased.

Sergi Campillo, Valencia’s deputy mayor, stated this during a press conference. He estimated that the restoration procedure will take at least 15 months.

“The spirit of the 1984 structure will be kept, but the building will be adapted to current laws, with a special emphasis on its energy efficiency,” Campillo added. According to the municipal manager, when this facility was “at full capacity,” it “consumed roughly 300,000 euros in electricity.”

The building’s architecture, which was entirely made of glass, resulted in massive energy consumption. However, it was constructed at a different time.

The Palau, designed by National Architecture Award winner Jose Maria de Paredes, was inaugurated on April 25, 1987, and has since become one of the city’s most emblematic buildings, as well as one of Europe’s most important music halls.

The Palau de la Musica  was envisioned as a multi-use space in Valencia, serving as a concert, film, arts, and exhibition hall. It is the home of the Orchestra of Valencia, the city’s municipal ensemble formed in 1943.

According to city officials, the renovation will entail the replacement of the whole ceiling of the Rodrigo room. Furthermore, at the request of the Palau de la Musica, additional improvements will be added, such as complete waterproofing of the pavilion positioned above the turn of the lobby and the installation of an acoustic curtain. The transition from incandescent to LED lighting is projected to increase energy efficiency.

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