Home Space in Spain: bigger than average

Home space available to a single family in Spain, is one of the biggest in all of Europe.

Home space is something we have started thinking about recently. Especially in Spain, thanks to the severity of the health crisis.  The months of confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic have caused many families to realize that their homes do not meet their needs. And to start asking themselves if their homes are big enough for their needs. 

Possibilities to telework, the lack of a terrace or garden or just not enough available space, have been the main reasons for stress and concern. And yet, Spain is one of the European countries with the most available space per property occupant. According to data from the Eurostat community statistics office, 55.4% of people in Spain live in a home that has more space that is needed by the family using it.

This is exceeded only by Ireland and Belgium in all the European countries.Home space, available to families is very high in Ireland, where 71% of the people have more space than needed , while in Belgium it stands at 58.6%.  

Very close to Spain are the United Kingdom (55.2%), and the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Norway, where the percentage also exceeds 50%. In contrast, the average for the Euro area is 37.2% and in the European Union as a whole, 33.1%. 

At the bottom of the list are Italy (15.2%) and Greece (10.7%). France, on the other hand, is in the middle of the table with 43.5%, while Germany is much lower with 35.8%, behind Portugal (36.1%). 

So, next time you look at property for sale or for rent that you are interested in, don´t rush.  If you think that the space might not be enough, just remind yourself of all the other European countries and the available home space in them. Obviously, you are well off in Spain.