The Fallas 2021 Are In Danger, But It’s Still Too Early To Act

Given the increased infection rates, the Fallas 2021 could be cancelled, but according to the President of the Generalitat, it is still too early to make any decisions.

From the 1st until the 5th of September. This was the date set two months ago for the Fallas 2021 celebrations not just in Valencia, but also in other municipalities throughout the province. And it occurred after a long and difficult year in 2020, when Fallas were not held at all due to the health crisis. However, it appears like 2020 is repeating itself, and the same situation could play out in the next few months. The exponential growth in coronavirus cases in recent weeks, just 54 days before the intended start of the most well-known Valencian festival, could change all the plans again.

Infection rates have risen dramatically in recent weeks, causing concern not only in industries such as hospitality and trade, but also in the fallero business. A week after local fallas clubs were opened to the public with the same limits as indoor hospitality, Valencians are suddenly concerned about a wave that could sweep away what they have waited so long and what the local economy needs so much.

The Fallas are not normally organised overnight, and many workers in this field have been working for a long time, so a cancellation would be disastrous. There is barely over a month until the festivities begin, which is why this sector is appealing to the entire society’s prudence.

The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, was asked last week if the September Fallas were at risk. Puig reiterated that the most important consideration is people’s health, and that “the holidays will come when health is guaranteed.” He did agree, however, that Fallas are still too far away to begin talking about them.

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