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Business for sale in Valencia - Traspaso

Traspaso, or Business for Sale in Valencia, is a type of transaction that combines both purchase and rental.

If you intend to take over a bar, restaurant, or other active business, or if you need to set up shop for a new venture, you may need to purchase the ‘traspaso’ and transfer the business and/or premises. This will allow you to capitalise on the existing clientele or the area in which the premises are located, allowing you to launch your business from a strong position.

Simple mechanics

The mechanics of this transaction are straightforward because the purchaser agrees to pay the existing leaseholder or owner in order to take over the business or premises.

It is not the same as “purchasing a business” in other countries. Traspaso is a transfer in which you receive the right to continue operating on the same premises and with the same clients. 

However, because you are not purchasing a business, either outright or in part, you must begin from scratch. As a result, you must sign a new lease with the landlord, and if you decide to keep the employees, you must also sign new labour contracts.

You may benefit from all of the equipment that will remain on the premises (unless otherwise specified), as well as the licences, if you are continuing the same activity. It is possible that the licences will be the sole reason for the transaction in some cases.

Because it is a leasehold, there is no “goodwill” involved. The previous owner may be willing to show you his financial statements, but he is under no obligation to do so because the real business is not being sold. If you change your activity, you will need to reapply for all of the licences required for your type of business.

Sensitive transaction

Purchasing Traspaso in Valencia could be a difficult legal transaction. As a result, it is best to enlist the assistance of a professional real estate agency, such as Valencia Property – Inmoamiga. It is a purchase that you do not want to make without legal assistance.

Valencia, being primarily a tourist destination, has a plethora of businesses for sale, the majority of which are in the hospitality industry. However, there are a variety of other options available on the market.

Purchasing business for sale in Valencia is sometimes the only way to obtain the most visible retail space in busiest commercial areas. The majority of those shops are rarely available as rentals and are usually transferred via the Traspaso route.