Best Property Search Sites In Valencia In 2021

It is important to know where to look for properties on the market as massive as the one in La Comunidad and to use the best property search sites in Valencia in 2021.

If you’re looking to buy or rent property in Valencia, you’re going to be lost for a while with a wide range of websites offering real estate. Property is a massive business in Valencia, and a lucrative advertising market is a place where everyone wants to be. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best property search sites in Valencia to make your task a little easier.


Idealista is by far the largest and most important search site in La Comunidad Valenciana. Now a multibillion dollar business, and spreading to neighbouring countries, it is the most professional and most visited real estate site in Spain.

Ranking at 14 of all sites in Spain, it has 43 million visits per month and offers around 53,000 properties for sale and 8,000 properties for rent in the province of Valencia.

What makes Idealista the best search site apart from these numbers is the speed of the website, combined with the size of the photographs, the different search parameters, the alerts you can set up, as well as a number of articles about properties in Spain. A database of registered property prices, which in some cases dates back to 2001, will be the most useful feature for property investors and analysts. This is a very handy tool, whether you want to buy a property or just rent a property you already have.

Idealista has always been the first to implement certain new features. At the moment, a very interesting feature is the 3d tour that is available for some properties as well as the Dolls House view. In the Informe de precios section of the website, you can find price histories in Excel format, and in the Labs/Archive section, you can access the actual registered size of any property in Spain as long as you have the correct address and apartment number.


If there’s a chance that the property is not listed on Idealista but is listed on another site, you’ll probably find it on Fotocasa. It is Spain’s oldest property website and the second largest, ranked 85th in Spain, with 14.4 million visits per month. This website offers 48,000 properties for sale in the province of Valencia and 6,500 properties for rent.

Fotocasa is a bit limited compared to Idealista and can sometimes mix up neighbourhoods. Otherwise, there are some interesting features, such as distances to major points and transport maps. Fotocasa has its own price histories, but they are far less descriptive than the Idealista ones. Sometimes you can read nice articles about property-related themes on their site, get decorative ideas, but that’s as far as it goes.


Habitaclia may be interesting because, from time to time, it will provide an odd listing that is not published on other sites. This is the third largest site in Valencia, with 11,7 million visits per month and 45,000 properties for sale, but only 5,400 for rent. The best feature of this site is its ability to search for more than one location at a time. Their alert system (alertas) for new properties is very good, even though it recycles “new” properties many times and floods your Inbox with repeats. But if you’re serious about it, it’s a useful feature.


Milanuncios is Spain’s largest second-hand store with around 44 million visitors per month. Since the property can be classified as a second-hand item and the advertisement is free of charge, many people advertise on this site. Milanuncios offers almost 60,000 properties for sale in the province of Valencia and more than 10,000 properties for rent. If you’ve had enough time to browse all the properties, you might find some private sales here. A downside is a limited number of photos and an obscure description of the options that make navigation very difficult.


Started in 2009, is still trying to catch up with the big guys. With 6,15 million visitors per month, the number of properties on offer is only around 26,000 for sale and 2,800 for rent. Since this site is linked to and shares links with, it is difficult to estimate the actual power of the site.


Yaencontre is an up-and-coming site, particularly in the province of Valencia.

With 3.24 million visitors per month and 22,500 properties for sale in our province, this is a great tool for your property search. What is very useful is that more than others, Yaencontre insists on listing the correct addresses. Surprisingly, this information could only appear on the Internet here and nowhere else. You can use Google Maps or Maps to find the building, see what it looks like, and check the area as well. Unfortunately, indexing is not working well, and properties from different neighbourhoods are often mixed up.


Tucasa is an indexing site, which means that it will go around the Internet to pick up any property on any website. More than 2.5 million people visit the site every month, offering 71,000 properties for sale and 6,500 for rent in the province of Valencia. But these numbers don’t really mean a lot. Being an indexing site, Tucasa will publish many different listings of the same property, as well as the long-sold listings that nobody has been bothering to take down.


Another property indexing site, with 2.4 million visitors a month and an incredible 140,000 properties in the province of Valencia. Not too reliable, as some of the properties are still on this site years after they have been sold.


Kyero is the largest non-Spanish property sales website in our province. It is based in the United Kingdom, deals only with Spanish properties and has an incredible 2.1 million visitors per month. With a nice interface, it’s very easy to use. The choice is not enormous (only 10,000 properties for sale in the province of Valencia), but the listings are updated on a regular basis.

Enalquiler is probably the largest rental website in Spain. Approximately 1.6 million people visit this site every month and can browse through 4,000 rental properties in the province of Valencia. Since it’s a specialised site, there’s a chance to find something that isn’t listed on other sites. This site has a huge forum where all sorts of questions have been answered. It’s very difficult to navigate, unfortunately, and it’s only in Spanish.

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